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CHUNFENG GROUP CORP. situated at the center of Huabei plain, Jizhou City, Heibei province, China. It is about 300 kms from Beijing
  chunfeng group
  shengchun jinuan
  chunfeng yinxing
  chunfeng zuzao
  chunfeng gongnuan
  Hebei Chunfeng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
  Shengchun New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd.
  Jizhou Chunfeng Electronic Business Co., Ltd
  Hebei Chunfeng Mechanical Manufacturing Co., Ltd
  Hebei Chunfeng Software Technology Co., Ltd
  Shengda Energy Saving Building Materials Co. Ltd
  Shengchun Doors and Windows Engineering Co. Ltd
  Beijing Shengchun Smart Home Stock Corporation
   Hebei  Chunfeng International Trade Co., Ltd. situated at the center of Huabei plain, Jizhou City, Heibei province, China. It is about 300 kms from Beijing in the North and 320 kms from Tianjin port in the Northeast, with very convenient transportation.
Our corporation is the top 500 industry enterprises in China. And has been in the line of any kinds of radiators, rubber rollers for industry, gray iron castings and ductile iron castings for more than 30 years, enjoying high reputations in our goods and servicesWe are the first one to possess the import-export right of self-support in the field of the national cast iron radiators. From 1987 our radiators, rubber rollers, iron casting have exported to U.S.A., Korea, England, France, Ireland, Spaine, Russia, Ukraine, Algeria, Syria and Japan, and so on.
We are one of the biggest manufacturer and exporter of the cast iron radiators in China. Our radiators mainly include cast iron radiators, steel radiators, Cu-Al radiators, and so on. Our corporation is the first enterprise to carry out ISO9001 in the line of radiators in our country. At the end of 80s last century our cast iron radiator firstly entered into the heating market of America and Korea. According to the requirements of the foreign customers, we design and developed for USA a series of radiators for example cast tube radiator, cast ray radiator, cast slope radiator; For Middle East market we manufacture the four columns 623 style radiator; Three columns 650 style radiator and three columns 623 style radiator for North Africa market; MC140 and RZ500 style radiators for Russia market; A series of Victoria cast iron radiators for Europe market; And big five columns series of radiators for Korea and Japan market. All of them are popular in their markets.
Rely on the T&P advantage of our filiale --Chunfeng Breeze Foundry Co., Ltd, we designed and manufactured many kinds of grey iron castings and ductile iron castings including automobile brakes, brake shoes, Motor cover, bainite ball and other iron castings for many clients from more than 10 countries. We can design and produce any kinds of iron castings according to the drawings or samples from customers.
Hebei  Chunfeng International Trade Co., Ltd.  the subsidiary of our group, is the earliest and biggest specialized rubber roller company. The products mainly cover printing rubber roller series, rollers for office apparatus, industrial roller series, total more than twenty thousands sizes It has the most advanced production and test facilities in the same line. From 1990s, the rubber rollers have been exported to Japan, Germany, USA, Holand, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. In addition we can design and produce any kinds of rubber rollers according to the requirements of the customers.
Our corporation has established mutual reliable relationships with more than twenty countries all over the world. Our business covers USA, Japan, Korea, Europe, Middle East, North Africa, Russia and many other countries and regions. With the strengthening of opening to the outside world after Chinas joining WTO, global trades become more and more frequency. Many foreign customers directly come to visit our group and discuss business with us. It was calculated incompletely that more than 100 group customers were visit us just in year 2005 and come to an agreement more than 80 items.
Hebei  Chunfeng International Trade Co., Ltd.  will provide the best quality and the first-class service for all the customers, we will be very glad to cooperate with you and co-create brilliant and splendid future.
Add:No.86, Jixin West Road, Jizhou District, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
Email:zhaohuaqiang@chunfeng.co Tel:+86 318-8612545/8628387 Fax:+86 318-8612416